Restaurant “Peking” – here delicious food turns into the show!
What is teppan? The dictionary says that it is traditional Japanese griddle. According to the legend, teppan appears a long time ago, when peasants throw plough share on red-hot coals and cooked on it.
Teppan – it is the reflection of philosophy of healthy food of Japanese cuisine: dishes cooked on teppan save their color and taste of initial products. Unlike usual cooking in a frying pan, the taste of dishes on teppan immiscible, and it gives special flavor and value to each ingredient. Teppanyaki – it is an art of cooking! It consists in that chef cooks food on the wide iron teppan nears the people having dinner, after what hot dish served to plates of the guests.
Cooking on teppan – is unique show by skillful chef! Fish, meat, vegetable delicacies cooked in the presence of guest, and it gives an opportunity not only taste it hot and hot, but also enjoy the skill of culinary maestro. Live fish: sea bass and dorado, eel and mussels, tiger shrimps, lamb – all this and many other you may found in carte of teppan-hall of restaurant “Peking”.
main_1If you want to surprise your friend or business partners – teppan-hall of restaurant “Peking” is the most suitable place for it.
In the restaurant “Peking” teppan is set up in the middle of hall. Position yourself around teppan, and watch the process of cooking of your order and tricks of our chef, and also take active part in cooking delicious and healthy dishes!
After visiting restaurant “Peking”, you will have an unforgettable experience, and you will wish to visit it again and again!!!
One of the exclusive features of the restaurant are:
– Exceptional dishes, which you couldn’t find in other restaurants of Lviv.
– Teppan-show in special hall